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In this data-heavy world, organizations often face business problems in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. This is where AlgoLabs’s expert consulting can help. 

Using our decades of research experience and insight, we analyze complex business problems and develop solutions using cutting-edge AI and ML models. We demonstrate measurable results through POC implementation.

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Risk & Compliance Automation of Client's Travel Expense System
The client is a multinational IT company who had a travel expense system for employees to submit their expenses. Due to the large size of the organisation, the auditors had to verify all the claims manually. AlgoLabs developed an 'AI-based Auditor' that used statistical and machine learning models to analyse transactional expense data and classify them as genuine or fraudulent, reducing the auditing time by more than 50%.
Marketing Budget optimization for a Telecom company
The client is a telecom company in a developing market who needed support to devise a loyalty program to give incentives to prepaid mobile phone retailers in such a way that it would help them attract more customers without affecting profitability. AlgoLabs applied statistical and machine learning techniques to predict loyalty, optimal target, assign nearest target band to predicted target and check the achievement and minimise the gap between Target pay-out and achievement pay-out
Quality Prediction & Optimisation for a Tyre Manufacturer
The properties of rubber - the raw material in the tyre manufacturing industry - keeps changing based on source of procurement, and could impact the quality of the end tyres. AlgoLabs worked with the client team to help them code a model that would predict the end product's viscosity, and further enhanced the model to predict the quality of output of each batch process in the industry based on that process's input quality. We realised the benefit of higher control over final product quality and reduced variation due to changes in raw material.
Fault Prediction for Enterprise Order Provisioning System
The client's order fulfillment/management system handles about 1 million transactions per day and any issue in this system could break down the client's sales engine and operations. AlgoLabs created a monitoring dashboard which predicts the system's health for the next 24 hours and highlights the possibility of any fault based on historical data and influencers, which led to proactive maintenance and a decrease in fault occurrences.
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