Customised training to tackle modern challenges

When Did You Last Upskill Yourself?

The digital landscape is continuously changing shape. We help you to understand its emerging trends and make the best use of business data with our personalised training.

AlgoLabs offers training programs in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning depending on what you do and where you are in your career ladder.

Hands-on approach

Training includes practical demonstrations and projects


We train you to spot ML opportunities in real-life problems in your own organization

Continuous guidance

Mentoring and real-time support

Data Science Leadership Workshop

A 2-day introductory workshop into the captivating world of Data Science where we equip leaders to leverage Data Analytics and Machine Learning techniques. Learn all about the emerging world of data
and its applications in the real world.

ML Executive Program

A 6-week Machine Learning program for business leaders. There are an infinite number of opportunities for applying ML in businesses. We train you to unearth these possibilities and make problem solving in business easier by applying ML algorithms without coding.

ML Maker Program

A 6-week online program for Developers. With our mentor-led hands-on approach, we introduce you to the exciting world of Machine Learning and offer training to apply ML techniques in your projects using Python or R.

ML Practitioner Program

A 4-month intense ML mentorship program for Developers. It enables you to step up your game with advanced machine learning techniques. We also provide you with an opportunity to deliver an analytics project (around your own organization’s business) with guidance from experts.

Customised Training

Companies often have specific areas of interest. Our customised training program is best suited for these needs. AlgoLabs works with you to identify topics of interest and delivers a cutomised learning experience for your teams.